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Screenshots of Speaking clock DVBeep
  • Speaking clock DVBeep
  • Speaking clock DVBeep
  • Speaking clock DVBeep
  • Speaking clock DVBeep
  • Speaking clock DVBeep
  • Speaking clock DVBeep
  • Speaking clock DVBeep
  • Speaking clock DVBeep
  • Speaking clock DVBeep
  • Speaking clock DVBeep
Description of Speaking clock DVBeep (from google play)

Talking clock and alarm.

The app alerts you of the current time by beeping (or by voice, when a voice pack is installed) if for some reason you cannot see your smartphone screen or the clock (i.e. you are driving, or you have poor eyesight, etc.). You can set an hourly alert or according to your schedule.

Important! To make the program speak your native language, download the voice pack you need by selecting it in the "Voice" menu.

Feature Highlights:
- speaks the current time;
- selecting third-party voice packets;
- Android TTS (text-to-Speech) support
- a widget to enable/disable the voice announcement;
- selecting the "night" theme for the interface;
- vibration or melody for notifications;
- select the time for the voice announcement;
- voice alarm;
- the choice of melody for every hour;
- repeat the melody by the number of hours;
- your own volume level at a given time;
- the ability to speak only the current hour or only the minute;
- the "Tell me time" icon;
- Import / Export settings;
- voice announcement in "silent" mode, when listening to music and watching video (if necessary)

Warning! For correct work of TTS (Text-to-Speech) one of the programs should be installed on the phone, for example Google TTS etc.

Contains ads.

The following versions of the application are also available:
- version DVBeep Light - without voice packs.
- version DVBeep Pro - does not contain any ads and has Russian and English voice pack. This application is paid for.

If you have any questions contact me by e-mail: dimon@dimonvideo.ru

Version history Speaking clock DVBeep
New in DVBeep 7.3.6
- Fixed some bugs.
- New English male voice (in 24hrs), Kannada (India) voice by Padmanabh Kakathkar.
- Added Arabic translation from kmal.
New in DVBeep 7.3.3
- Improvements lists view on long tap.
- Fixed some bugs.
- Added context shortcuts on app icon (Android 7.1+)
New in DVBeep 7.3.2
- Persian voice pack by ABDOLLAH SALEHI
- fixed some errors
New in DVBeep 7.3
- Translated by Michel Henrique into Brazilian Portuguese.
- Import / Export settings.
- Now you can see voice packet name on main screen.
- New option in Menu to disable action on Tell me time icon.
New in DVBeep 7.2.7
- improved TTS for: es, pt, hu, uk, de
- added Spain and Pt, De translations
- corrected permissions
- if you want the program to speak your language, write to dimon@dimonvideo.ru
New in DVBeep 7.2
- added compatibility with Android 10+
- improved work in the background
- added Android 6+ permissions
- added the "Help" option with a description of the main problems at work
- external ringtones work on Android 10+
New in DVBeep 6.1.0
Options moved to "Settings"Added option "System alarm"Added option "Optimize battery"After update, system stops the program - run DVBeep again.If the alarm does not run on time - write to an advdman@gmail.com.
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